Success By 6 BC allocates funding to all 21 regions through three (3) streams.  Regions develop a community strategic plan to help guide the use of these funds.

Capacity (CA) Funding Stream

Capacity funding primarily supports Success By 6 coordinator positions throughout BC. 

Examples of Capacity building that Success By 6 coordinators focus on include:

  • Supporting the local Success By 6 Council of Partners and/or Community Early Years Planning Tables or coalitions and their identified strategic priorities
  • Building public awareness about the importance of the early years;
  • Conducting research into community needs of young children and their families and work with Success By 6 Council of Partners and/or Community Early Years Planning Tables to establish funding priorities;
  • Expanding the scope of community partnerships and collaborations.

Aboriginal Engagement (AE) Funding Stream

The Aboriginal Engagement funding stream provides assistance for Aboriginal identified priorities supporting children and families.  The funds are distributed to local Success By 6 initiatives upon approval of an application that demonstrates it meets the priorities set out in the Aboriginal Engagement Strategy and Framework and/or has been developed in consultation with local Aboriginal communities/partners. 

To guide this work the Aboriginal Engagement Strategy outlines 4 key priorities for this work.  The strategy is designed to promote the development of partnerships, relationships and collaboration across cultures and communities to support Aboriginal children and their families.

Strategic Implementation (SI) Funding Stream

Success By 6 BC provides Strategic Implementation funding that is used to assist in addressing the community identified priority needs for young children and their families.   Regional Success By 6 Council of Partners and/or Community Early Years Planning Tables review data relevant to the children and families they serve to develop strategic plans and to support their strategic priority decisions. 

Based on the identified strategic priorities, and in accordance with the community level strengthening activities and change outcomes identified in the Success By 6 Early Years Community Planning Framework, regions focus on collaborative service integration and support projects in areas such as:

  • Early learning and care programs
  • Parenting education and support
  • Healthy early childhood development
  • Early literacy
  • Cultural awareness and Indigenous cultural resources and training
  • Nutrition and physical activity
  • Child care
  • ECD public awareness and family friendly communities
  • Early Years professional development