Success By 6 is about building relationships and partnerships to support children and families in communities, it is not a program or service, it is a community development initiative.

Building on the strength of the Aboriginal community partners and the Aboriginal Engagement strategy, Success By 6 has dedicated $1 million dollars for the Aboriginal ECD funding stream.  Each initiative, in consultation with area Aboriginal communities, determines where and how the funds will be used; therefore, how Aboriginal community agencies can access the dollars varies and depends on the initiative.

The underlying approach for use of the funds is to promote greater collaboration across sectors, across cultures and across communities. In some areas,initiatives have invested the Aboriginal ECD funding to create Aboriginal coordinator positions or to support Aboriginal ECD tables; inother areas, there is a call for proposals.

First Nations communities, Metis organizations and urban Aboriginal agencies should contact their local Success by 6 coordinator for information about the Aboriginal ECD funding stream and how to be involved with the local Success By 6 initiative.