The BC Early Childhood Development Evaluation system is a community – government collaboration that has created an integrated evaluation and reporting system for programs supporting healthy early childhood development in BC in the areas of:

  • Parent education and support.
  • Community capacity building

A governing body, composed of representatives from both the community and government sectors, provides overall direction and coordination. Those represented are:

  • Ministry of Children & Family Development
  • Success By 6® BC
  • United Way of the Lower Mainland
  • BC Association of Family Resource Programs
  • BC Council for Families
  • Federation of Community Social Services

In addition, a reference group provides advice and support in the ongoing work.

Success By 6 is taking the lead in the supporting the ongoing administration of the community capacity building evaluation. The Early Years Team in the Ministry of Children and Family Development is taking the lead in supporting the ongoing administration of the parent education and support evaluation.

Survey technology through FluidSurveys provides a user-friendly platform for users to enter data and retrieve reports. In addition, because common evaluation tools are used, the results can be rolled up regionally and provincially, providing overall evidence of impact. For more information on partner roles and data access, please see the Operational Terms of Reference and the Governance Terms of Reference.

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BC Evaluation Project Report: Can We Agree on Common Child Outcomes for BC?, February 2006 by Carol Munro. This is the founding document that identified research related to evaluation frameworks and outcomes for early childhood development in BC, in Canada and internationally. It is through this process that BC ECD Funders agreed to four Ultimate Outcomes for children in BC.