Success By 6 is an Early Childhood Development (ECD) initiative that began in Minneapolis in 1988, under the leadership of their local United Way.  In the early 1990's Edmonton's United Way started the first Success By 6 in Canada and the United Way of the Lower Mainland started the first BC initiative in 1998.  At it's peak there were 350 communities in North America with a Success By 6 initiative.

Since 2003 a unique provincial approach to Success By 6 has been taken in British Columbia.  Leadership has grown from three major partners that formed the Early Childhood Development Provincial Partnership (ECDPP).

Highlights of Success By 6 in BC

March 2003 - MCFD invests $10 million in Success By 6 and by 2005, the provincial team has successfully facilitated the development of 19 Success By 6 regional initiatives reaching over 150 communities throughout BC.

In 2005 Success By 6 launches the ECD Evaluation project.

In 2006, the ECDPP adoptes a mandate to engage with Aboriginal communities in the support of Aboriginal children and their families.

By 2007 Success By 6 has 14 Aboriginal coordinators working with 15 local Aboriginal networks in communities around the province.

February 2008 - the Credit Unions of BC pass a motion to invest 25 cents per member per year in Success By 6 for three years.  (2008 – 2010)

By spring 2008, Success By 6 has grown to 20 initiatives reaching out to over 200 communities.

June 2008 - Success by 6 adopts a new logo and partnership logo.

January 2009 – the first Success by 6  Early Childhood Development calendars are circulated – funded through the Credit Union dues levy.

Spring 2009 – Success By 6 releases the We Can Change Our Future DVD.

November 2009 – A feast is held at the UBC Longhouse to celebrate the launching of the Granny & Grampa Connections Box.

December 2009 - the first Aboriginal partner joins the Provincial Partnership.

Winter 2010 the Provincial Partners reach an agreement for a long term, sustainable funding plan.  Success By 6 moves from grant funding to contract funding embedded in the Ministry budget.

Spring 2011 – Planning for the Seasons an Aboriginal Strategic Planning resource is completed. 

Spring 2011 – The Credit Unions of BC unanimously approve the continuation of the dues levy funding for 3 more years (2011 – 2013).

January 2012 – In addition to the Early Childhood Development calendar, an Aboriginal ECD calendar is released.

December 2012 – The Provincial Partnership releases $300,000 in Credit Union dues levy funding for community grants.

January 2013 – Success By 6 launches a series of webinars – internet based training sessions – educating partners throughout BC about important research, speakers and resources.

Spring 2013 – Success By 6 is now connected to 120 Early Years community councils that are supporting over 550 communities in BC.

January 2014 – Success By 6 launches their new website.

Spring 2015 - Success By 6 distributes First Steps & Beyond, early childhood development guide, across the province.