Our Vision and Mission

Success By 6 envisions a community where all children are healthy, safe and secure, socially engaged and responsible, and successful learners.

Success By 6 is dedicated to helping every child succeed for life.

Guiding Principles:

  • Community-driven
  • Inclusive and diverse
  • Collaborative
  • Sustainable

Our Values and Goals - It takes a community to raise a child!

Success By 6 is based on the belief that all sectors need to be involved and mobilized to support children’s early years. This includes governments, businesses, community agencies, labour, health, education, Aboriginal communities, immigrant communities, providers of early childhood services, municipal leaders and others.

Success By 6 recognizes the unique needs of Aboriginal children and families in BC with respect to their history, culture and traditions and is committed to working with Aboriginal communities on Aboriginal-identified priorities.

Success By 6 builds community by supporting and strengthening services already in place, and by providing additional support to expand early childhood development in BC.

Program-specific funding decisions are made at the local level, based on community research. Funded programs include literacy, nutrition, children's play, parenting and family skills development, and many more.