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Patricia Tribe

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Keremeos, Lower Similkameen Indian Band, Okanagan Falls, Oliver, Ooknakane Friendship Centre, Osoyoos, Osoyoos Indian Band, Penticton, Penticton Indian Band, Princeton, Summerland, Upper Similkameen Indian Band

Supporting Children & Families in the South Okanagan

Our annual parenting conference brings together parents, grandparents, Early Childhood Educators, child care and service providers to learn about development of children from birth to age 6.  Topics at this year’s recently held conference included Raising Children in a Digital Age; Alpha Children-Reclaiming our Rightful Place in Their Lives; and Making Sense of Anxiety.  These presentations were given by Dr. Deborah MacNamara of the Neufeld Institute of Vancouver to over 100 participants from across our region.

Support for family-centered hubs in Penticton and Oliver has provided a place for families to access information and resources on a wide range of services offered in their community.  The hubs also provide a location for agencies to offer direct services easily accessible to families.

The Ullus Naqsilt Project’s goal is to improve nutritional, physical and overall health of children and families and has been adopted by all five Aboriginal communities in our region.  Healthy Harvest Boxes not only contain fruit and vegetables, but can also contain: activity pages with traditional language; menu ideas and how to use unfamiliar fruits and vegetables; newsletters; and extra items at holiday times. 

Many cultural and recreation events take place throughout the year in each community.  For example, at the Ooknakane Friendship Center there is a family Halloween and Christmas party for young children and their families, and parenting programs are offered throughout the year.

In our region, SB6 partners closely with the Children’s First initiative, Communities for Kids.  Check the Calendar of Events for a list of activities in the major communities of the South Okanagan and Similkameen.