EVALUATION OF FUNDED PROJECTS - Strategic Implementation (SI) and Aboriginal Engagement (AE)

Success By 6 - Reporting & Accountability Project


  • Funding flows through the Success By 6 provincial office to 20 regions in BC.  There are 3 funding streams:  Community Capacity, Strategic Implementation (SI) and Aboriginal Engagement (AE).
  • Capacity funding supports the Early Years coordinators and the community capacity work of the local tables and is evaluated through the ECD Community Capacity Evaluation.
  • At the regional level, local tables decide how the SI and AE funds will be invested and each region has developed reporting tools to monitor their investments.
  • The SB6 provincial office is standardizing the reporting for all programs and projects that receive SI and AE funding. By doing this, it will provide us with the ability to roll up data both regionally and provincially and thereby allow us to capture accomplishments more accurately and provide more fulsome reports on SB6 impact.
  • Success By 6 Regional Coordinators will be responsible for managing administration of the reporting system.
  • All organizations that receive a grant of $500 more from Success By 6 will be required to complete an online report using Fluid Surveys. 
  • This reporting is in effect for the 2014/2015 budget year.
  • The reporting will be done online through Fluid Surveys.


  • Success By 6 Funded Projects Reporting Guide for Regional Coordinators
    • This guide provides Regional Coordinators with information to support their role in administering this online reporting system and includes a template for a Letter of Agreement to be signed by funded projects.
  • Success By 6 Funded Projects Reporting Categories – Addendum to the Regional Coordinators Guide
    • This new system for evaluating Success By 6 Funded Projects, both Strategic Investment and Aboriginal Engagement divides project types into a number of Categories.  Respondents to the Fluid Survey Questionnaire first answer 17 “Common Questions”. When respondents answer the 17th question, which asks them to choose the project Category assigned in the funding Letter of Agreement, the Fluid Survey system will “jump” to a set of questions related to that particular Category. This document first details the Common Questions, then the questions for each category.
  • Success By 6 Funded Projects Guide for Projects Completing the Fluid Survey Questionnaire
    • Once SI and AE funding is approved at the Regional level, Regional Coordinator’s assign projects to specific Categories. Approved projects receive their Letter of Agreement which includes the date their Fluid Survey report is due, the Category they should report under and a link to the Fluid Survey Questionnaire. This Guide is intended to assist SI and AE projects to complete their questionnaire.